Key Stage 3

In Year 7, 8 and 9, students follow the Wikid Science course. This allows them to solve problems using key science ideas. They will find out how different careers work and the Science behind them, as well as investigating how fireworks are made, how the body works, the science of cooking and what’s out there in the Universe.

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9

Looking into the work of a Forensic Scientist and the techniques they use to solve crimes


Finding out how we can use Chemistry to make colours, and solve problems.


Investigating a series of issues affecting California, including movie stunts and the threat of Earthquakes in the area.


Finding out how food cooks and how chefs use ideas about Science to perfect recipes.

Studio Magic

Investigating ideas about Sound and Light to find out how they use it in the music industry.


Looking at where humans came from and how we could develop further.


Looking at how we use Electricity and Magnets


Using skills to help work out how to avoid and damage control a natural disaster.


Using Science to solve a wide range of problems.


Following clues to find out what’s beyond our Earth

Live and Kicking

Looking into more complex functions of your body including Respiration and Digestion.


Finding out how our body works and how we can use what we know about it.


Finding out about alternative energy sources and why we need them.


Investigating different species that exist on our planet and how they are all connected.

Species at War

Investigating microbes, how they can spread illness and how they can be stopped.

 Key stage 4

There are three different pathways available in Key Stage 4 Science, allowing us to meet the needs of all of our learners:


Triple Science GCSE

Year 10

Core Science GCSE

BTEC Applied Science

Entry Level Science

Year 11

Additional Science GCSE

BTEC Applied Science

BTEC Applied Science

21st Century Science Additional GCSE:

This course builds up more complex ideas about Science. It looks into more abstract concepts and ideas and allows students to further develop their skills.

Topics include:

  • Growth and Development,
  • Brain and Mind,
  • Chemicals in the Environment,
  • Chemical Synthesis,
  • Explaining Motion,
  • Electric Circuits,

67% of the GCSE is completed in Exams and 33% is from a full Scientific Investigation.

BTEC Applied Science – Level 2

This course provides a vocational Science curriculum and is achieved through completion of Assignments in lessons.

Units studied include:

  • Chemistry and our Earth
  • Energy and Our Universe
  • Biology and our Environment
  • Health Applications of Life Sciences
  • Investigating a Crime Scene

We offer Certificate (1 GCSE Equivalent) and Extended Certificate (2 GCSE equivalents) in the one year course, and the First Diploma (4 GCSE equivalents) over 2 years.

21st Century Science Core GCSE

This course is designed to give students the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to find out the importance of Science and Technology in our everyday lives. They will study a range of topics, building on their knowledge from Key stage 3 and looking further into key areas.

Topic include:

  • Genes,
  • Keeping Healthy,
  • Air Quality,
  • Materials and their uses,
  • the Earth in the universe,
  • Sustainable Energy.

67% of the GCSE is completed in Exams, and 33% is based on two pieces of coursework (completed in school). 

21st Century Triple Science GCSE

This course divides the three main areas of Science and allows students to gain a GCSE qualification in each.

Topics include those in Core and Additional Science, along with 3 extra, in depth topics:

  • Further Chemistry – Green Chemistry, Organic Compounds
  • Further Physics – Astronomy, Mapping the Universe
  • Further Biology – Movement, Ecosystems

Each separate GCSE is 67% exam based and 33% Coursework Investigation.

Entry Level Science

This course is designed for those students who require a more structured Science course and is examined in School through a series of End of Unit tests, and some basic coursework tasks.