_DSC1868The vision of the Sport Faculty is “To support our primary, secondary and wider community in the provision of a High Quality Physical Education experience and assist Barlby High School in raising whole school standards. In Physical Education to offer a programme of study based on a wide range of activities that encourage mass participation whilst allowing the development of excellence through specialisation.

To organise this programme of study in such a way that students develop their decision making skills and ability to choose a learning pathway for themselves. We aim to underpin this programme of study with high quality teaching and learning that meets the needs of all students and emphasises the development of a set of skills through Physical Education that leads to exam success and prepare students for their chosen careers.

_DSC1898We aim to have a seamless link from curriculum P.E into an extensive extra-curricular programme that meets the needs of all and provides a route into club sport for both performer and leader.”





Students learn skills in many sports at Barlby.  Within each sport there are key elements that students need to learn to ensure safe practice, build knowledge, skills and gain an insight into competitive sport both at a local, county and national level.  Our aim is to develop a love of sport so students can continue this into adulthood for a fitness and enjoyment perspective.

Sports routinely taught at Barlby High are:

Athletics, football, badminton, rugby, netball, basketball, hockey, swimming, cricket, gymnastics, fitness, table tennis, orienteering and trampolining.

During the year we also invite athletes and sports men/women into school to give an insight in to sport.  We also enable other sports to be tried such as archery, golf and triathlon.

Students need to show through various sports the following elements:

  1. to improve consistency, quality and use of techniques for a specific purpose
  2. to adapt and develop their skills into specific techniques in the activities undertaken
  3. to understand and apply strategic and tactical principles more effectively in familiar situations and anticipate and describe outcomes
  4. to adapt strategies and tactics used in one game and apply them to another one
  5. to understand the principles used to prepare for, and recover from, these games
  6. to recognise that different activities require different emphasis in types of fitness
  7. to understand the concepts of net/wall games and make effective evaluations of strengths and weaknesses of performance.

KS4 Course Specification

Students in KS4 are all entered for PE GCSE full course option.  All students must participate in four practical elements of sports including traditional sports such as football, rugby, hockey, fitness, netball or look at alternative sports such as orienteering, swimming or horse riding.

Some students choose sport as an option choice and work towards gaining a double GCSE award. (See separate Sports Leaders page)

Specifications detailed below:


Extra Curricular

The department runs recreational clubs at lunch time with an open to all policy. These then lead into school team playing in Selby area, York and District or North Yorkshire competitions.

Studying PE includes both physical and theoretical aspects.  This provides students with information and practical skills that support them moving forward into adulthood.  For those who study PE at a higher level career opportunities include physiotherapist, sports coach, sports scientist, personal trainer and professional sportsperson.