Stop the Clock Days

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We have five Stop the Clock Days spread across the school year. On these occasions we suspend the normal timetable in order to allow students access to a wide variety of activities which enhance their everyday curriculum.

Examples of such activities are:

  • to go out on Educational Visits e.g. visits to Thackeray Museum to develop Science and Health & Social Care studies, National Railway Museum to explore engineering opportunities
  • to study a topic in great depth e.g. An Inspector Calls for English Literature studies
  • to compete in Interform Sports to support a love of sport, develop team work and encourage a healthy lifestyle
  • to meet employers, university and college staff and prepare for future careers
  • to undertake challenges and competitions
  • to meet inspirational speakers e.g. Holocaust survivors and those who have experienced difficulties
  • to carry out scientific enquiries

These activities are designed to give students opportunities to develop their Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education. As such they involve a lot of teamwork, ideas of competition and fair play, exploring the lives of others and exposure to experiences that have a lasting impact.

The feedback from the students about Stop the Clock Days has always been positive. Comments along the lines of  “Can every day be a Stop the Clock”, “It was really good”, “I really enjoyed having PE for longer”, “It was really useful”, “best day at school ever” are not uncommon.

Stop the Clocks Days evolve annually and we have developed a programme that gives each year group access to a significant variety of experiences over many areas of study.

The programme of study for 2015/16 for all year groups is available on the link below:

STC overview 2015 2016