GCSE Results 2016/2017

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Julie Caddell, Headteacher of Barlby High School, is thrilled for students who achieved a great set of results.

Students of all abilities have exceeded their targets and some of the individual achievements have been exceptional. Students of all abilities did well and I am thrilled that all of our students have very definite plans for next year, whether it be Sixth Form, College or an employment based route.

The school is continuing to show improvements at GCSE and as part of Hope Learning Trust will continue to do even better.


Academic Year 2016-2017 (provisionally)
Progress 8 0.04
Attainment 8 46.00
%age students receiving a standard pass in English and Maths 67
%age students receiving a good pass in English and Maths 45
%age students receiving the English Baccalaureate 21
%age Students continuing into education, training or employment 93

Please follow the link below to the School and College Performance Tables to see where Barlby High School sits compared with local schools and other schools in England.

DfE School and college performance tables information

School Performance Barlby High School