The Inclusion Centre strives to remove all barriers to learning, leading to a totally inclusive school.  Staff and students are true partners in learning. We are committed to enabling all our young people to develop into happy, well prepared and confident adults, secure in the knowledge of the role they can play in their own development.

We are proud of the extensive range of opportunities to stimulate and enhance the growth of our students into mature and responsible adults with a sense of community and purpose.

We pride ourselves on creating a secure framework of personal care and encouragement in which the highest possible standards are the goals for everyone. Our success is based on an ethos designed to address individual needs, foster self-esteem and meet society’s changing expectations.

Role of the inclusion team:

  • Student services where the students can go if they have forgot equipment or do not have correct uniform and can seek help and advice.
  • Counselling for students (by externally qualified staff and internally by staff trained to an appropriate level)
  • Students with alternative packages that don’t come into school and are taught by training providers.
  • Extended work placement students for a minority of students who may go with an employer one day a week then follow alternative curriculum within school with some core subjects.
  • Behaviour programme, quiet room or internal exclusion
  • Enforcement of the school behaviour policy
  • “School refusers” or students with anxiety problems that might be tutored at home or in the Inclusion centre.
  • Alternative environment for students to learn who are returning from absence due to illness which limits mobility or confidence issues, prior to reintegrating into a full timetable.

Barlby students are energised, happy and want to achieve the best they can.  Students learn in a safe, secure and disciplined environment.  This is an extremely successful school; a vibrant establishment where we aspire for everyone to improve on their personal best and strive for excellence.

If parent / carers have any concerns or issues regarding pastoral care they can contact their child’s Form Tutor, Head of House or Mrs Milne, Assistant Headteacher by email on